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Utilities and Drivers for ALL Datamax Printers

 Seagull DATAMAX-O'Neil Windows Printer Drivers v7.4 (24.1 Mb)

 Datamax Printer Configuration Program v3.551 (28 Mb)

NETira CT Configuration Utility for E-Class Mk III Basic, Advanced & Pro, I-Class MK 2 & RL3 and 4 Mobile Printers - v1.0.0.87 (2.9 Mb Zip file)

Datamax Printer Warranty from DataCol

Printer * Warranty**
Datamax E Class Mk III 1 Year or 1 million inches
Datamax M Class Mk II 1 Year or 1 million inches
Datamax I Class Mk II 1 Year or 1 million inches
Datamax H Class 1 Year or 1 million inches
Datamax A Class Mk II 1 Year or 1 million inches

The printer Warranty period covers the basic DT model printer, and excludes the Print head, platen roller and ALL options.
** The warranty period runs until either the stated time, or the distance of printed material is reached. (ALL Datamax printers keep an internal record of the material length they have printed.)

  • The Print Head fitted in the printer is warranted against failure for 1 Year or 1 million inches of printing, which ever occurs first.

  • All printer options and accessories are warranted for 1 year.

  • DataCol Solutions offers this warranty on behalf of Honeywell, USA. We will pass all claims to them. However their decision to accept or reject a claim is final.

  • This warranty does not cover equipment or parts that have been misused, altered, neglected, handled carelessly, or used for purposes other than those for which they were manufactured. It also does not cover loss, damages resulting from accident, acts of nature (lightning), severe power surges or any damage resulting from unauthorized service of the printer.

  • All replacement parts (including replacement print heads and options) have a 90 day warranty from the date of supply to our reseller or Service Centres.

    PLEASE NOTE: We ONLY use and supply Genuine Datamax-O'Neil options, accessories & replacement parts.

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